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Attack Of The Left-Wing Ken Dolls Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 01:32 PM

Attack Of The Left-Wing Ken Dolls

American Greatness
By Mytheos Holt
November 28th, 2018


If the aftermath of the 2018 election cycle has had one big surprise, it has been the rise of a specific, and completely unexpected, species of Democratic 2020 candidate. No, it is not the female-centric prospective candidacies of Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand. No, it is not the rise of the Obama imitator, a la Cory “Spartacus?Booker, or possibly former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. It is not even the potentially Sisyphean return of Hillary “Jennings Bryan?Clinton to a political audience that has proven, again and again, that it does not plan to elect her president. All these developments, while amusing, were either entirely predictable, or in the case of Clinton, at least foreshadowed before the midterms.

No, against all odds, some of the attention-grabbing figures who have either declared for president, or are hoped to, are instead from the group seemingly most vilified by the Left—namely, straight, white, privileged men. Specifically, the two most prominent examples of this trend are the terminally insufferable Representative Robert “Beto?O’Rourke (D-Texas), and the lantern jawed Dr. Strangelove of the House Intelligence Committee, Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.). Another potential figure who could join this ensemble is Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.), whose response to this year’s State of the Union was well-received, and who does not appear to possess the family proclivity for waitress sandwiches and criminally negligent homicide.

So Much for Intersectionality

Normally, any of these three men would be relegated to extreme underdog status. Congressmen simply don’t get presidential nominations anymore, and haven’t done for nearly a century. Moreover, in the aftermath of President Trump’s election, the Democrats seemingly have branded themselves as the party of underprivileged diversity, which none of these could be said to embody in even the slightest way. Certainly, Swalwell and Kennedy could very easily be disqualified by privilege, and arguably already have been, but the same cannot be said of O’Rourke. He has routinely garnered short odds on betting sites for who will be the Democratic 2020 nominee, often beating out better-credentialed prospects, and has a fanbase arguably as rabid and as annoying as former President Obama.

Whether O’Rourke’s fanbase will last into 2020, and whether he can parlay them into a movement as vibrant as Obama’s, is a matter of speculation at this early date. It is also the least interesting question about O’Rourke’s popularity. The more interesting question is not whether his fandom will last, but rather: how did he acquire it in the first place?

Put another way: How is it that the Democratic Party’s progressive base does not seem to care that “Beto?conspicuously fails to check any intersectional boxes? What is it about the O’Rourkes and possibly the Swalwells of the world that makes them able to shut off the Critical Theory-obsessed minds of their own base in favor of people whose color and sex are completely identical with the color and sex of 44 of the last 45 presidents?

The cynic would no doubt answer that partisanship is partially to blame, and it probably has some bearing, at least insofar as the Left preferred the white O’Rourke to the Hispanic Ted Cruz with such fervor. But for that fervor to translate into a primary, where other partisans who do check the diversity boxes also exist, suggests that more than naked partisan hypocrisy is to blame. Even as whiteness and masculinity are routinely denounced by the Left, there seems to be something about these particular white males that makes them immune from that sort of suspicion.

And I would suggest that, to understand what it is, we have to take a look at the qualities of those who support these men, and also at their professed reasons for that support.

Who Are These Guys?


Full Commentary

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 03:41 PM


Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.), whose response to this year’s State of the Union was well-received, and who does not appear to possess the family proclivity for waitress sandwiches and criminally negligent homicide.

Only a matter of time. He is a Kennedy after all.
And then I believe the fake hispanic, will lose the "Beto" nickname when it comes to national politics. He was only using that as his name as pandering to the large population of hispanic voters in Texas. Personally, I'd love to see guys like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio lambast his use of "Beto" as cultural appropriation.

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 04:25 PM

No big "mystery", here.

1. O'Beto rode a skateboard, so that's solid qualification to his fan base. That makes him totally down with whatever's important to his demographic. Probably something to do with being "cool" or as equally important. Bill "Mr. Sticky" Clinton sexed it up with his smarmy cocktail lounge sax act. O' bama induced mass swooning among the Left sycophants by crooning Al Green. And flipping shout outs at the most inappropriate of times. These put-on's are good quality, leadership constituents among today's mind-numbed youngsters. No Ken doll required. Besides, that would be "sexist" unless Ken were anthropomorphic and designated anatomically unspecified or indeterminate of gender. Which was kinda how it was when I owned Ken dolls. All without the Leftist drivel attached.

2. Ted Cruz conducts himself with more masculinity in his pinkie than all three of the above sorry assed excuses for men, combined ever dreamt of. Not to mention a powerful master of debate. In fact, Cruz was my back up choice in the horrifying event of Trump imploding on the campaign trail back when. He remained second banana to me, only because I was never fully convinced he would refrain from pulling a McCain and begin "reaching across the aisle" as soon as the heat was turned up. Happily, I had no need of a second banana. (is it just me or does my post seem fraught thinly-veiled puns of questionable taste?)

3. Who cares what the idiots toss out there in '20, anyway? Dims are never original, just look at how many times they've trotted out haggard old Hil, Lecher in Chief Bill, unbelievably, twice, I'd expect them to push Biden as their next "serious" front man. The court jester of the O bama Abomination. The funny, stupid old white guy thing only went so far, but it's so predictably Dim to try it again.

This is a target rich piece but I think the author's point is legit.

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 12:13 AM

Swalwell immediately came to mind as soon as I read the title. He has perfected the smug arrogance of a blithering idiot.

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